Cuban Heritage Day - "Tremendo Vacilón"

The 2nd Annual Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium has come and gone and it was, by all accounts, a huge success. 

I'm still a little overwhelmed by all the fabulousness and fun of celebrating baseball and Cubanity(<--it's a word, right?) with my people. And it was the hottest stinking day of the summer in LA, so, if this is a little incoherent, please forgive me ahead of time. Still recovering from the heat.


Picture this: Cuban music playing (loudly) from the stage. Once a song starts, the smile of recognition quickly spreads across the faces. When the music plays, we must dance. It's in our Cuban DNA. We seriously can't help it. We spontaneously begin dancing with, and next to, and behind, and in front of whoever happens to be there. I so loved that.

Although many wore their tried and true Dodger Blue, many of us showed off the official shirt of Cuban Heritage Day 2014. Designed by the extremely talented Roly Vega of Habana Brand Clothing

I have it on good authority that these beautiful shirts (only $20!) are still available through the end of August. Please visit Habana Brand Clothing and place your order ASAP. 


It was a crazy-hot day in LA, but there were lots of fans (works on two levels) available to beat the heat provided by Café La Llave and a special one designed for the day by Habana Brand Clothing and our good friends from Wassup En LA. 


Part of the fun was wandering the stadium (in the shade, of course) and finding old friends, all of us flapping our fans to cool off in a modern version of what was probably a typical scene from Havana of the 50's. 


Rudolpho Zalez, Pritesh Shah, Carlos de la Vega of Wassup En LA?

Speaking of old friends, the first pitch was to be thrown out by Tony Plana, the very talented Cuban actor who played the dad on the hit TV show, Ugly Betty. Tony has had a distinguished and accomplished career. My favorite of his roles being "Jefe," from the comedy film, The Three Amigos, but that's not important right now.

It turns out that Tony's brother and I went to school together and I knew his family pretty well. "Tony, I'm Marta, from St. Augustine's..." I didn't get a chance to finish my sentence.


He grabbed me in a big Cuban hug of recognition. Made my day.


The Committee

It was my pleasure and privilege to serve on this year's Cuban Heritage Day Committee. What a delight it was to get to know the other Cubans involved in putting on this event and sharing our love of baseball and Cubanity (<--I'm pretty sure it's a word) with each other. I loved how everyone brought different skills and talents to the table. 

My friend, Lucy Vega, of Habana Brand Clothing, also brought red lipstick. I'm forever grateful. The beautiful blonde you see here is Rose Marin, head of the committee and the mastermind of this entire project. 


Lucy Vega, Marta Darby, Rose Marin celebrating red lipstick

The committee got to do a photo-op with Cuban Wonder Boy, Yasiel Puig. Or as our community refers to him, "Yasielito." 


I confess that I totally gave in to temptation and went in for the selfie. Guys... I had to.



I know. Shut up. 

Jonathan and Lucy (and friend, Nathan) happily partook of the Cuban Dogs. Picture a Dodger Dog, but with a Cuban sandwich twist to it: Ham, pork, swiss cheese, mustard, pickles. (For more on the awesomeness of Cuban sandwiches, see this post.)


Eric, who has been married to me for 22 years, held his own with all the Cubanity (<--I think it's a word now).


 To get all the info about next year's Cuban Heritage Day, please be sure to follow them on Facebook: Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium on Facebook.

It was a long, hot, wonderful day. The Dodgers eventually lost to the Brewers, but that didn't dampen our spirits. The day was a perfect celebration of all that is good and holy about Cuban baseball.

Here's a perfect recap by the talented and lovely, Ailis Garcia of Dodgers Nation

Pastelitos provided by Portos Bakery. Cafecitos provided by Café La Llave. First pitch and MY FAVORITE MOMENT provided by Tony Plana. Tshirts provided by Habana Brand Clothing. Fans provided by Wassup En LA? Dodger Baseball magic provided by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The rest of us? We brought the Cubanity. (<--word officially coined by me.)



photo credit: Lucy Vega


Los Angeles Cuban Festival - A Giveaway

Living in Southern California, it's sometimes difficult to find Cubans living nearby. Which is why I'm super delighted to be involved in this year's LA Cuban Festival. It's the very best place to celebrate all the things that we love most about being Cuban.

It's a wonderful event bringing together our people for a fun day of Cubania. There will be food, music, and all things Cuban. This pleases me greatly, because, as you know, I am always looking for the best places to get Cuban food in So Cal (but that's not important right now).

I'll be there with my family and my extended LA Cuban Family: the guys from Wassup En LA, the folks from Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium, and many more. 

The LA Cuban Festival will be held at

Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach, California, on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 from 10:00am to 8:00pm. 

If you haven't yet bought your tickets, I'd like to offer you some! If you'd like to go ahead and purchase pre-sale tickets on your own, please visit Fiestalegre Promotions.

LA Cuban Festival


The featured artists are:

  • Issac Delgado
  • Timbalive
  • Charanga Cubana
  • MC Paloma Morales
  • Super DJ Robby
  • DJ Warapo

You know you want to be there for all this awesome Cubanity. (<--that should be a word.)

Today's giveaway is sponsored by the LA Cuban Festival. Thanks, guys! 

To enter this drawing for Two Free Tickets to the LA Cuban Festival on July 13th, please leave a comment on this post and answer the following:

  • Where do you live in So Cal? 
  • Can you find Cuban food there? (This is important information to have, people!)

For an extra entry, go to Facebook and "like" LA Cuban Festival. Come back and tell me:

  • "I like the LA Cuban Festival!" 

Please leave your comment on this post and I'll choose one winner on:

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 at 8 pm PST.

I really want to see you there! Oh, the Cubanity!

Cooking on a Budget - Pastelitos de Guayaba

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I have perfected the simplest recipe for making pastelitos de guayaba (Cuban guava pastries) at home.

Porto's, which is the closest Cuban bakery to us is still miles and miles and a half day's road trip away. So, when the craving for pastelitos hits, I just make my own. It happens a lot more often than I'd care to admit, but that's not important right now.

The pastelito recipe is in my cookbook, of course, which, if you don't already have it, you should get it, because you're being supportive and everything. (Was that the weirdest, clunkiest sentence ever? Yes, it totally was.)

Marta darby cookbook

Me and my cookbook. Photo Credit -

Anyway, my good friend, Carlos de la Vega who is one of the co-creators of the show "Wassup En LA?" and is a whiz with graphics and video has recently been a bit obsessed (in a good way) with making my pastelitos at home. 

My big fat cuban family cookbook

'Wassup En LA?' co-creators Rudopho Zalez and Carlos de la Vega crushing on their copies of "My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook."

So much so, that he has created a most awesome video sharing the ease and magic of how to make your own DIY pastelitos de guayaba a la Marta. Also, here's the recipe:

Marta's Homemade Pastelitos de Guayaba

Pastelitos de guayaba

This is the first in what promises to be a really fun cooking series, "Cooking on a Budget. How to make Pastelitos de Guayaba."

Cooking on a Budget Carlos de la Vega

Please notice my Naturally Curly Self at about the 1:18 mark. (Thanks for the shout out, Carlos!)

You didn't really believe homemade pastelitos were this impossibly easy, did you?

There's probably other things you don't know about Cuban Cooking. Don't worry. I'm here to help.

Click on the image for the link to My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook. Buen Provecho!

My big fat Cuban family cookbook

The Best of MBFCF in 2013

I'm looking at my calendar and it's already the 8th day of 2014. I was planning on taking a few days off at the beginning of the year and wow, did they go by quickly!

Come to think of it, 2013 feels like it went by pretty quickly also. Is it just me, or is this one of those things people tend to repeat a lot as they get old? Shut up. Don't even say it!

This past year has been quite eventful in lots of ways, which makes me happy that I blog (and scrapbook) because I would otherwise forget the thoughts and events and conversations I've had this past year. I know. There's that getting old thing again. Stop it.

Here are the top posts for each month of 2013. (Time is seriously flying, isn't it?)

Drum roll, please.

1.The Things I Didn't Blog About in 2012 - Luza - in which I confess my growing discomfort with my mom aging and how our roles are shifting.

Lucy and luza

2. #LookAtMyFood in which I continue to overshare what exactly I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner via Instagram. (Also, if you don't already, you should follow me. I'm Smrtqbn.) I'm really very good about sharing my food.

Cuban food

3. Cuban Word of the Day - in which I share my delight at being honored by the wonderful artists from Wassup En LA? in their Cuban Word of the Day segment. (Technically it was 3 words - Pastelitos de Guayaba - but that's not important right now.)

Martas pastelitos

4. 99 Red Balloons in which I share how we celebrated my mom, Luza's 99th birthday. Cute video attached to that post, too.


5. Ahora Sí! in which I tell about the night I finally got to meet Andy Garcia. (I know. I still can't believe it. Pinch me!)

Andy garcia

6. Hello, Outdoor Movie Nights - in which I list all the great movies we have to choose from for our Summer Backyard Movie Theater. Also, it always marks the official beginning to our summer. And this pleases me greatly.

Movie list

7. "If you build it..." - in which I celebrate the wonderful farmhouse table that my kids built for me.

Lucy on table

8. Hurry up...and wait - in which I tell the story of Jonathan's first acting job in a feature film. (Now that I told you, I'll probably have to kill you.)

Jon on the set

9. We Visited Coffee Heaven and Lived to Tell the Tale - in which I describe (in great over-sharingly detailed detail) our wonderful visit to the Gaviña Coffee plant.

Eric and marta coffee tour

10. My Big, Fat, FROZEN, Cuban family - in which I gush (yes, there's gushing) about my day at the Walt Disney Animation Studios and the making of the animated feature, FROZEN. Also, the Disney Animators made me a personal video which totally put me over the edge.

Marta Frozen

11. ALL the Picadillo at the Blurb Books Food Fair in which I share about my visit to San Francisco and how I got to cook for lots of hungry book buyers. Also, there's a very cool video they did about me and my picadillo.

Marta cooking picadillo

12. Cuban Picadillo Pies® - in which I developed a new and fun way to eat and share picadillo. (<--also, what a weird descriptive sentence that was!)

Picadillo pies

Thanks to all of you who have been faithfully following MBFCF for all these years or who have just found me in the last year. I write this blog mostly for myself, so it genuinely pleases me when you respond so generously to my over-sharing.

Also, did the year just fly by for you, too? (I know. Old. Shut up.)

Happy New Year, my friends!

MBFCF Giveaway Week Winners

I want to thank you all for celebrating with me this week. Also, to my very generous sponsors for providing the cool Cuban giveaways I've been priviledged to share. Thank you all. I'm blessed and humbled by your constant love and support.

MBFCF Giveaway winners

MBFCF Giveaway #1 - My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook

Mbfcf cookbook

goes to....

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.09.53 AM

MBFCF Giveaway #2 - WASSUP En LA? Family Gift Pack

Wassup en LA goodies
goes to...

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.45.49 AM


MBFCF Giveaway #3 - Cubamerican The Movie, Tickets


The winners will be contacted by the Producers of Cubamerican.


MBFCF Giveaway #4 - Santayana Jewelers' Leather Bracelet and the Azabache.


goes to...

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.57.35 AM

Also, if you're still interested in this beautiful bracelet (and I know you are), remember that Santayana Jewelers has graciously added a special promotion for MBFCF readers:

$40 off your $150 purchase with the promo code MARTASENTME.


MBFCF Giveaway #5 - The Cafe La Llave Cuban Coffee Basket

Gavina La Llave coffee basket

goes to...

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 12.01.12 PM


I want to thank you all for entering my giveaways and for participating in my weeklong celebration of my 7th Blogging Anniversary. 

To all the winners - Congratulations! Please shoot me an email that contains your mailing address. Put HEY, MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG! in the subject line so that I don't accidentally delete it and I will get your goodies out to you ASAP.

But wait! There's more....

I wasn't quite prepared for the ridiculously generous show of support from my Cuban Cubiches and now I have some more sponsored giveaways coming up this weekend!

Please stay tuned for MBFCF Giveaway Week - The Sequel.

Many thanks to you all for entering and sharing. I'm overwhelmed with pride and love for all the friends of MBFCF. Seriously.

Here's Wassup. (MBFCF Giveaway #2)

Back in March, I was privileged to be an eyewitness when television history was being made.

The pilot for Wassup En LA? was filmed before a live audience that included me and Eric. I originally got involved with the project after seeing an online pitch for a Kickstarter to fund it, which didn't work out, but technically, it did, because the person who became the Executive Producer on the project read about it right here on my blog and decided to jump into the fray, but that's not important right now. (I'm looking at you, SugarCube Productions.)

Eric & marta on set of wassup
Notice my Varadero sign above the kitchen door. See? I'm totally the Cuban Props R Us.

Co-creators Rudolpho Zalez and Carlos de la Vega approached me about pulling together some Cuban props for the Diaz television home. I quickly started collecting stuff around my house and off my walls. Just call me Cuban Prop Mistress Deluxe. (Or maybe that could just be a cool band name.)

We met for lunch at Porto's (of course) and became insta-friends in that familiar Cubans-love-each-other-at-first-sight way. I wrote about our day at the Wassup En LA taping in great, newsy detail.

Here's a 60 second spot showing the highlights of that pilot episode.


When I was contemplating who I could reach out to so they could help me celebrate my 7th Year in the Blogosphere, my first thought was, Wassup En LA. They quickly and graciously agreed to be a sponsor and so without further ado....

MBFCF Giveaways

MBFCF Blogiversary Giveaway #2:

Wassup En LA? Family Gift Pack

Wassup en LA goodies

Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a the WASSUP Family Gift Pack which includes:

  • Wassup en LA? jute gift bag
  • Wassup En LA? tshirt
  • Wassup En LA? hats,
  • Wassup En LA? mini Cuban cafetera (!!!)
  • Wassup En LA? tacita
  • Café Sol de Cuba
  • Conchita Guava Bites (I know. Shut up!)

Please leave a comment on this post and answer one or all of the following questions:

  • What is your favorite TV sitcom of all time?
  • If you were cast as a character in a Cuban American sitcom, what part would you play?

2) For an extra entry, please go "like" Wassup En LA? on Facebook and come back and leave me another comment telling me:  

  • "I like Wassup En LA!"

So that's not one, but two entries apiece. You're welcome.

I'll choose the winners at the end of MBFCF Blogoversary Giveaway Week on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 11 am.

Wassup En La? Why you will love this sitcom...

Go and grab yourself a nice, hot cafecito and make yourself comfortable. This post is going to be long and newsy. I'm about to seriously dish about the new TV sitcom, Wassup En LA? with lots of details and tons of photos about the project. (This is why you love me, right?)

I promised you a few weeks ago that I would write about the making of Wassup En LA? in great detail. I have so much to share with you about why I think this show is going to be fantastic and why I believe it's going to be must-see TV, but let me back up a bit.

Rudolpho Zalez Marta Darby Carlos de la Vega
Here I am with Wassup En LA? creators, Rudolpho Zalez and Carlos de la Vega. At Porto's, of course.

The co-creators of Wassup, Rudolpho Zalez and Carlos de la Vega envisioned a good, old-fashioned TV sitcom. In their vision, they wanted to follow in the footsteps of old-school, family-themed TV classics, such as "I Love Lucy," "The Cosby Show, "Chico and the Man," and "¿Que Pasa, U.S.A.?"

Family friendly TV? Yes, please.

The premise is already hilarious:

Manolito Diaz has dreams of making it big as a Hollywood actor. His Cuban family is extremely supportive. In typical Cuban style, his mom and dad show their support by moving the family from Miami to Los Angeles to help their son reach his dream. They bring along his reluctant-to-leave-Miami sister and, of course the very deliciously Cuban abuelos.

Meet the fictional Diaz family:

Wassup en la diaz family

From left to right: Oscar Torre as Pepe Diaz, Jean Paul San Pedro as Manolito Diaz, Nicole Garcia as Teresita Diaz, Nelida Ponce as Eufemia Olga Diaz, Gerardo Riverón as Alfredo Figueroa Diaz, and Jezabel Montero as Rosa Maria Diaz.

As I understand it, the entire first season has already been written. The taping we attended on March 23rd involved the shooting of the pilot episode and also a few scenes from various key moments from the rest of the season.

So, for those of you asking where you can see it, there's no good answer for that....yet. The show is still in the works. The scenes that were filmed on the 23rd are still in the post-production phase. It's quite an exciting (and nerve-wracking) time for all involved.


You'll recall that the producers called and asked if I had any Cuban-looking props for the set. Of course, I was happy to oblige. My kids and I willingly drove up to L.A. to deliver the goods. (I'm willing to drive to any area code where a Porto's can be found. I know. Shut up.)

Much to our everlasting delight, we got to visit the studio where the live taping was going to happen.

Jonathan, Lucy, and I dropping off our Cuban props (Hey! That works on two levels!) at CML Studios.

We got to watch the beautiful set being built.

Building set

And we got to sit in on one of the rehearsals.

Wassup rehearsal
Director Rudolpho Zalez getting the perfect reaction from Jezabel Montero (Rosa Maria Diaz).

Let me stop right here and tell you about the cast.

The Cast

The first members of the cast that we met were Gerardo Riverón and Nelida Ponce, who play the abuelos, Alfredo and Eufemia. For me, it was love at first sight. Both accomplished actors, in their own right, they brought the "Cubaneo" from Miami to the Diaz dinner table. I love that even as they delivered lines in Spanish and Spanglish and broken English, they were always translated beautifully as part of the family dialogue, which is not easy to do.

Kudos to the writers for making them completely Cuban and perfectly accessible to the American audience. Or as we Cubans say, "Se la comieron."  Which translates literally to "They ate it." It's a Cuban idiom that means they fantastically exceeded all expectations. (See what I mean? Not easy.)

Wassup en la abuelos

Here's Nelida (Abuela) showing the next generation how it's done:

Wassup en la abuela does the salsa

Jezabel Montero (daughter of the iconic telenovela beauty, Zully Montero) plays Rosa Maria, the mom. She's an absolute joy to watch as she effortlessly portrays everyone's Cuban American mami. I'd like to interject here that she is a lovely, blond haired, blue-eyed beauty, which is so very typically Cuban (believe it). Smart, funny and oh, so approachable. She's exactly who you would want for a next door neighbor, co-worker, or best friend.

Wassup jezabel montero & oscar torre
MBFCF, meet the lovely and talented, Jezabel Montero and the fabulously versatile, Oscar Torre. That's me in the center of this look-at-all-this-Cuban-talent sandwich.

Oscar Torre plays Pepe Diaz. He is the quintessential Cuban dad. All Cuban perfection in his tone and delivery. The ideal blend of seriousness and tenderness. There's a particularly beautiful scene in which Pepe reminds his son, Manolito (Jean Paul San Pedro) what a family is truly all about. I may or may not have cried a little during that scene. (Also, please notice my Cuban souvenir mini-conga set on Manolito's dresser, but that's not important right now.)

Wassup en la oscar torre jean paul san pedro

"No family is perfect. But be thankful you have one that loves and supports you."

Nicole Garcia plays the smart-alecky sister, Teresita, who hates that they left their lives in Miami to help Manolito chase his dream. She plays the role with a perfect balance of snark and sweetness that's almost breathtaking. I know Teresita. She's all the Cuban friends I grew up with.

And, of course, the one who brings them all to L.A. as he chases his dreams of stardom, Manolito, expertly brought to you by Jean Paul San Pedro. Watch the following video and fall in love with Manolito.

You're totally pulling for him already, aren't you? I know.

The Taping

The taping went on for the entire day. We arrived around 1:00 PM for the 3:30 PM taping, which was sort of happening on "Cuban time" which was more like 4-ish.

Wassup en la

I expected to enjoy the show. Hello? A Cuban family. On TV. What's not to like? I often felt growing up, that our everyday family interactions were worthy of a sitcom. I think most of us who grew up Cuban felt that way. I think that's why many of you relate to me here on MBFCF, and why we Cubans all so passionately love ¿Que Pasa, USA? These are our people. Our stories. Our lives.

Seriously, I have to say it again: Se la comieron. (Just to review: "They ate it." In other words, they fantastically exceeded all expectations.)

Wassup en la audience

Both Eric and I were floored by what great chemistry the cast had with each other. Did I already mention that the entire cast consists of real Cuban Americans? (As God intended.) They were truly believable as a family. As a Cuban family.

My favorite moment of Cubanity (<--that should sooo be a word) happened as the family was gathered at the dinner table.

The director's cue was: "El Cubaneo. Go!"

The family starts talking all at once and over each other. Genius. That's dinner every night at our house, people. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Wassup en la pepe prays
Pepe, the dad prays before the meal. Mostly for patience on the 405. LOVE.

The script was beautifully written. The comedic timing of the actors dead on. The actors were there from 6:00 AM to almost 10:00 PM. And for every take they were both fresh and funny. Every. Time. Seriously.

I'd like to interject here that obviously the appeal to me, personally, was that the hilarity all takes place in a Cuban family. And while that was both familiar and priceless, let me reassure you, the family interactions are of the every day variety. Bickering was balanced by caring. Misunderstanding complemented by tenderness. The only difference being that they were a little bit louder. And they rolled their R's.

I want to know these people in my real life. Yeah. That, right there? Makes this sitcom a total winner in my book.

The shooting of the pilot took about 7 hours. We were entertained in between the hurry-up-and-waiting by live Cuban music, the awesome comedy of Fernando Duran and "snacks" from Porto's Bakery.

Porto's pastelitos
Pastelitos de carne. Pastelitos de guayaba. From Porto's Bakery. Amen.

The shooting of the pilot wrapped up around 9:00 PM and we stuck around to watch them film a few scenes from other episodes.

From the episode: "One quality plate is better than a buffet," Pepe gives Manolito and his friends dating guidelines. I must reiterate that Oscar Torre gives the perfect Cuban papi performance. He is the Cuban "Everyman."

Wassup en la friends
The best friends, Allen, played by Pritesh Shah, and Judd, played by Aaron Kuban.

The supporting cast of friends, Pritesh Shah, Aaron Kuban, and Keila Hamilton (as Teresita's friend, Tawana) were all superb as complementary characters to the Diaz family. (I think I'm running out of superlatives here.) Oh, how I wish this show were on the air already!

I encourage all of you, my friends, to support the effort to get this brilliant sitcom on TV. You can help in the following ways:

Go love them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel (be prepared to get hooked on these characters). Share with your friends.  Get the word out. We need their kind of magic on TV.

The show is not only family-friendly, but beautifully written and the performances were all fantastic. So entertaining. So fun to watch. So positive and frankly, uplifting. Just like the shows I grew up watching and loving as a kid. I promise to keep you informed as soon as I know anything about where and when it can be seen.

Oscar Torre Marta Darby Jean Paul San Pedro
The fabulously talented Oscar Torre and Jean Paul San Pedro with a very star-struck and satisfied Cuban blogger.

Thank you, again, Rudolpho and Carlos and the beautiful cast and hard working crew for your tireless energy, perseverance, and faith to see this thing through. I'm waiting, rather impatiently, to see what happens next with Wassup En LA?

Because seriously, they ate it.

Wassup en la conga
When Cubans get together, salsa happens.

This is Wassup...

Last summer, I came across a Kickstarter Campaign for a not-yet-produced TV show called "Wassup en LA?" The theme was that a young Cuban American actor from Miami goes to Los Angeles to find fame and fortune. And his Cuban family, abuelos and all, follow and support him.

I clicked on the link, read the synopsis and and fell in love. You will recall that I wrote about it here.

If you know how Kickstarter works, you know that the project has to meet your fundraising goal by a pre-determined date to get the funds. Sadly, they did not meet their goal.

But something else magical and serendipitous happened. A faithful reader and follower of MBFCF in Sugarland, Texas (of all places!) stepped up and became the Executive Producer. Her production company is called Sugar Cube Productions. (Get it? Cuban? From Sugarland? Sugar Cube. Genius.)

After four years of sweat and toil and script writing and casting decisions, the day came when the pilot of Wassup En LA? got a green light for filming on March 23rd.

A few weeks before The Filming Day, I had a fabulous lunch (at Porto's Bakery, of course!) with the co-creators of the show, Rudolpho Zalez and Carlos de la Vega.

Mbfcf cookbook & wassup en la
They gifted me some cool Wassup gear. I gave them autographed copies of my cookbook. Win-Win.

During lunch they asked me: Did I have any Cuban-looking props they could use on the set?

Hello? My (freakishly small) house is one Big Cuban Prop. "Help yourselves."

Which is how a few of our household items ended up on the set of the TV home of the Diaz Family. How cool is that?

Cuban stuff

I have so much more to tell you about the show and how fabulous it was to watch the live taping and being part of a mostly Cuban studio audience. I promise I WILL BLOG ABOUT IT IN NAUSEATING DETAIL, but today's not that day.

For now, I just want you to just appreciate how accidentally awesome it is that a blogging Cuban mom in Mission Viejo wrote about a project that was seen by the movers and shakers in Texas (hello, Sugarland!) who actually brought the thing to fruition. Mind. Blown.

Makes me think that God's hand was in it somehow. And that makes me feel completely humbled, and sooo accidentally cool.

Go give them your support and love:

On Facebook. On Twitter. On YouTube. That's Wassup...

Cuban Word of the Day

I have been taking a hiatus to get myself well again from being sick for the first part of this year. (Thank you, Vicks VaPoRub for your constant support.)

I'm 100% better and I'm ready to jump back into blog-world. I had a feeling-sorry-for-myself-emotionally-fragile moment of "I wonder if anyone even remembers me?"

This morning I wake up to this in my Facebook news feed, which was like a shot of adrenaline.

Wait! Is that my face? Shut. UP. I feel sooo accidentally cool!

Cuban word of the day

I may or may not have shed a quick tear. Gracias, Wassup En LA? I'm back. Pastelitos and all.

Also, here's the link for my Homemade Pastelitos de Guayaba. And here's the link to Wassup En LA?'s Facebook Page.  You must "like" them because you will LOVE them. Amen.

Wassup En LA? A Kickstarter Project

Do you love sitcoms? Do you miss real-old-school-laugh-out-loud-funny sitcoms? Are you as tired as I am about what passes for comedy on tv sometimes?

Say hello to my little friends...

Wassup en la family

There's a group of very talented Cubans who are producing a fabulous bilingual comedy called "Wassup en LA?" And I've been following their progress for months now on Facebook. (You should too, but that's not important right now.)

Barbaro ricky ricardo

They describe their effort as a family-themed comedy sitcom that follows in the footsteps of classics such as I Love Lucy, The Cosbys, Chico and the Man, and Que Pasa, USA?

Here's where you come in. Have you heard of Kickstarter? It's a way you can get involved and become a part tv history by helping to get this remarkable show on the tube. I'm proud to say we kicked in to help get this project made.You should, too.

I'm asking today for your support in this effort. They have until September 8th to reach their goal and every little bit helps. We can do this. You can kick in $5, $12, $25 or more. I encourage you to become a backer. Click on the Wassup En LA? Kickstarter Link and show them some big, fat, Cuban family love.

I fell in love with these guys the first time I saw them and I want to see this show get the recognition it deserves. It reminds me so much of the first time I saw ¿Que Pasa, USA? and my mind was blown.

I'd love for us to become a part of TV history here. Kick in a few bucks and tell them Marta sent you, and share it with everyone you know. Let's make this happen.

Or as my friend, Pitbull would say, "Dale!"


You will recognize your own Cuban family on the screen. It's awesome. Be sure to spread the word. This is a project that's worthy of our backing and our support. I want to bring back family television. How about you?

Con mucho cariño,


Bringback family tv