Hurry Up....and wait

My 17 year old son, Jonathan has recently been wanting to pursue a career in acting. I've always enjoyed watching Jon on the stage, but this whole Hollywood thing has some big hurdles to overcome.

So a few months ago he signed up with a casting agency and he's already gotten paid for a couple of background gigs which makes him a working actor. (Of course, he's starving, but that's not important right now.)

I'm writing this from the set of his current job. It's a feature film by a big production company, whose name I can't tell you because I am sworn to secrecy, so lets just call them umm...Fisney.

Jonathan is a featured background player, which means exactly...nothing. He may or may not end up in the final cut of the film by the umm... Dalt Wisney Co.

But he's here. And dressed in a tux. And he's getting paid. And working on his first film with umm...Misney is kind of a big deal.

He's in a short scene with some other high school kids. His call time was early in the day and we basically just spend the day hurrying to get from one place to another and then....waiting.

And waiting,

I'll let you know all the juicy details next year when the film comes out.

Until'll just have to wait.

Hurry Up....and wait