Venus and Mars are alright tonight

P1180026We've been all about "the scope" lately. 

Eric got it just a couple of weeks ago and being such a novelty, we took it to L.A. with us and set it up on the balcony of our hotel room in Marina del Rey. 

We had a great view of Venice Beach and the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier and even the Hollywood sign

I didn't realize that things were upside down in the viewer until this particular trip into L.A. iconography - but I'm learning....

Although, you know the hotel staff was buzzing about the family in 703 bringing a high powered telescope with them for the weekend.  (not going there.)

But I digress... it has now become a nightly ritual to find Venus (just above the western horizon - just under the moon) and Mars (in the southern sky). (ooh, look how she knows stuff!)

This is homeschooling at its finest and most effortless. (that sound you hear is our champagne glasses clinking in a parental congratulatory toast)

The kids are doing astronomical (=D) research because...  (please take note-) THEY JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE.  We're already making plans for a field trip to the Griffith Park Observatory.  This pretty much takes care of our science requirements for the next 5 years! (I'm sooo loving it!)

But I have to admit, some part of this telescopic fun is a bit tainted for me, because somewhere inside, I can still hear my brother's voice taunting me and my big round cheeks.

So, when I hear them ask, "Is the moon out early?"   I keep waiting for the rest of the line....

"... or is that your face?"

P11399741 (sigh)

ADDED 1/22/07 10:30 PST:
Picture of the waxing moon taken through our telescope.  How cool is this?