Sewing with Sydney

It's a guilty pleasure and I blame Amy.

The whole thing started innocently enough, but it escalated to where it is today.
Two years ago the young adult group from church would go over to the pastor's house on Sunday nights to watch "Alias".  Because we don't get cable (no tv reception), Amy had no clue what was happening on the show, so she trotted over to the local Blockbuster and rented the first 2 seasons so she could catch up. 
As she was watching her "Alias" marathon, we were getting on with our regular family business.

But as I'd walk through the room, I'd glance at the screen.

"Is that the bad guy?"
"No, it's her dad and she hates him but he's a double agent and he's really just trying to protect her."

I cross the room again with a load of laundry. The people on screen are starting to look familiar.

"Is that the bad guy?"
"Not exactly sure. He's her boss, but he had her fiancΓ© killed."

I set the table for dinner.

"Is that the bad guy?"
"Well, technically they are all good guys who don't know they are bad guys because they are working for a terrorist organization posing as a branch of the CIA." 

"Who's Sydney?"
"That's her name. Sydney Bristow."

"Why is she dressed like that?"
"That's where the show gets its name. It's an ALIAS."

At this point, I set up my sewing machine and pull out a quilt I'm working on for one of the babies in the family and glance up occasionally from my work.

When Amy leaves, I put in the first dvd and start with the pilot (just so I could keep everyone straight ;-D).  I finished the quilt with the first two seasons of "Alias"  to keep me company. And they left me hanging!

So, I quickly had to run out and buy the 3rd season... And so it is that I got hooked while I was innocently sewing.      


Fast forward to today.  Lucy and I are working on the costumes for Seussical. We've got the sewing machine out and we're sewing like crazy.

And maybe it's a little Pavlovian, but I thought it only fitting that we include Sydney.

So now my mom is asking:
"Ese es el malo?"
(translation: "Is that the bad guy?")

Here we go again!  ;-)