How you say....?

P1180037My mom will be with us again this weekend.

And aside from thinking of some fabulous Cuban food to cook, I also inevitably start thinking primarily in Spanish.
(And no, that doesn't mean I put an "o" at the end of every word!) 

It's not like I plan it or anything. It just happens. I just put English on the back burner because I'll be speaking in Spanish all weekend. (this is why I think Carrie is amazing)

My sisters and I speak Spanglish. We weave in and out of both languages effortlessly. And when my mom is here, my Cuban accent returns. I use my hands more. I laugh louder. I am funnier. I revert to my role as the baby - the family entertainment unit.

There are still words and idioms that I fumble with that I attempt to translate from English to Spanish and they really do lose everything in translation. She doesn't care.  She is proud that I don't have an accent in either language. And she loves that I listen intently to all her stories (for the hundredth time) and laugh in all the right places.

The last time I was attempting to explain blogging and that I try to write every day, she asked me why I didn't pursue writing.  She remembers me writing since I was very young. I trip over my answer and finally ask if she understands the English word, "encouragement."

"No," she answers,  but she understands: " en-bai-ron-ment."

Ay, Dios mio!