In praise of pink boxes

Warning: Whiny Complaining Ahead.

I was feeling sorry for myself today. (I admit it.)
I had a rough day. As far as rough days go in South Orange County - I know it sounds whiny. (And I admit it totally is.)
It began with a dentist appointment and sort of went south from there. (Again, I admit I'm a whiner baby, especially when it comes to the dentist.)

And then...
my friend Kristen came to my door bearing not one, but two (!!) cakes (the 6 inch diameter kind) from my very favorite bakery.
P1220057 How cool is that??

And it's really not important right now that I can't actually eat them because of my sore mouth. (Obviously my kids helped me out with that.)

I just feel so blessed to have a wonderful friend who shows up at my door who knows that pink boxes can fix just about anything that ails me. (Yes, Keb, this means you, too =D)

And the cakes themselves in those pink boxes are so festive and remind me that my word for 2007 (from Ali's AEzine) is CELEBRATE.

I have soo much to celebrate.  Please forgive my whiny beginning.  Now my day and my life are back in perspective.

And all it took was a friend with a couple of pink boxes. Who knew? (Thanks, Kristen!)

I wish you all many pink boxes in the days and weeks to come! =D