"Que es guu-gol?"

100_2754I try to explain to my mom where Eric is and what he's doing there.

"Que es guu-gol?"

I don't have those words in Spanish.  I can't describe any of it. Where he went. Why he's there. What he does.
Search Engine?
Internet Marketing?
umm.. nope.

So I think I revert to "lugar grande," (big place) which not only sounds childish, but doesn't really explain anything. (sigh)
Can any of my bilingual readers help me here?? (multiple question marks are meant to convey my desperation)

But, he's back now.
And forever changed.
Once you have traveled to the Techno-Mecca of the World, you'll never be the same. (is there a comparable word?)

100_2741 Maybe it was the lava lamps in the lobby. (how do you say lava lamp in Spanish??)
Or the gourmet food at the Google cafe.
(Who has rack of lamb for lunch, I ask you? And how do you say that in Spanish???)

For a search engine guy, this is just about as good as it gets.

I am so proud of my husband for being invited there and holding his own.

He knows his stuff.  He is THE search engine guru. And he knows his internet marketing.
That's why we make such a good team.  If you type in Cuban tshirts on Google, my company will likely be on that first page.  And for a virtual store, that's where I want to be.
(how do you say, "virtual?")
I try to explain this to my mom - in Spanish - "if you're looking for something, you type it in here." (from her blank stare, I can tell that this is soo not working!)

The best part about Eric is that once he gets home, he is still himself. He doesn't let all that corporate schmoozing go to his head. (schmoozing doesn't translate at all either, does it? SIGH)
In fact, he didn't even bat an eye when I asked him to pose with all his Google-paraphernalia.

P2080786 By way of explanation, I am left with:
"Eric went on a business trip. He brought back some gifts."

"Ah! Regalos!"

That she understands. =D