Desperate times call for desperate measures

P2100805I made pastelitos de guayaba. (guava pastries)

I had to.

It has been about 6 weeks (6 weeks, people!!) since we've had them.
(since our road trip to Porto's in Glendale - see album to the left)

And I would have to travel through quite a few area codes to get good ones.
So I broke down and baked.

And being a bit greedy for guava, I think I put too much guava paste into them.  I made 12 with just guava and 12 with guava and cream cheese - "refugiados."

And they kind of exploded (or maybe they were supposed to?)

My mom declared them to be "feo." (ugly)

I guess I'll just have to save myself some embarrassment...

and hide them.  ;-)