They come by it honestly

P2080758It is now "after school," which is not a real concept here, because learning takes place all the time.
But they have finished their assigned work for today and are free to do whatever they like.

Lucy is working on making Valentine gifts for her friends.
Yes, of course we could have purchased pre-printed Valentine's cards.
But she is the daughter of her mother (sigh) and has opted to decorate and fill miniature Chinese takeout boxes with assorted chocolates and create gift tags for each one.

Jonathan is re-designing his robot and is working on programming it to launch a ball on command.  It didn't work the first time, but still he plows on.  He is tenacious when it comes to completing something he has started. Did I mention he is the son of his father? =D
It's kind of a quiet day around here.

Eric is on a business trip.
He is up in Mountainview, California being wined and dined by Google.  Yes, THAT Google.  (can't wait to see his pictures and I'm hoping he brings home some geeky Google gifts. =D)

I am busy preparing Cuba to Go! orders for shipping.
NOTE: Yes, Amanda, that means the tshirts for your boys are on their way!

P2080767I love the rhythm of our days sometimes. I love the creativity that just seems to happen when we are unhurried.

And today (since dad's not here)...

I especially love that our local pizza place delivers. =D