Happy Father's Day!

Ok, I'll admit it.  I'm no good at sharing.  (It's me, Kikita, again.)

I'm not really sure how it happened, perhaps those first three years of my life while I was an only child really stuck with me and I simply never got used to the idea of sharing anything . . .

And (as you may have noticed) I LOVE being the center of attention.  Perhaps I was an only child in another life and have never fully recovered.  (Not that I don't love my siblings - but that's beside the point)


The point is that my birthday has a tendency to fall on or around Father's Day.  I know, tragic.  This means that the one day (or week, or month) I have a right to demand the spotlight, my dad also has the right to demand the spotlight . . . and, seriously, who likes sharing the spotlight?

So this year, I politely told my Dad, "I love you, but I'm not sharing."

And here's the cool part, he understood perfectly.  Which is really rather humbling (well, it would be if I was the humble type =D).  He (also a first-born) is so selfless, he didn't mind that I didn't want to do a big Father's Day thing because I'd be too busy beginning my birthday party-ing.

Which is SO sweet!  He really is such a thoughtful, caring, adoring person.  I'm honored that he still likes being my Dad and if I have to share my birthday with someone, I'm glad it's him.
(Granted, not honored or glad enough to have bothered getting a card this year, but I'm showing up for breakfast and I DID write this post . . .)

Father's day 


Side note:  To all my honorary father figures out there:  I love you guys too, but I'm not sharing!  Happy Father's Day!