Simply irresistible

When you first see her you're immediately aware of her presence.
Amy in the arch
You are completely blown away by that beautiful smile.

Amy cuba shirt
You are overwhelmed by how much power she seems to possess.
Yes, power. She is naturally bossy and can talk anyone into anything!
She talked these intransigent, rabid, anti-castro bloggers into making KISSY FACES, for goodness sake! (One of them also happens to be celebrating a birthday today, but that's not important right now - but, okay... Happy Birthday, Rei!)

Kissy face bloggers
You are completely captivated by the whirlwind of fun that surrounds her.

Amy 3
25 years ago today I held this sweet little thing and as her mother, I had the distinct honor of choosing her name.
I called her Amy. (which means "beloved")

Today, on her 25th birthday, I think I'll exercise my parental rights once again.

This time around I think I'll call her Hurricane Kikita.
Because she's become a force to be reckoned with. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Mimi! Muah!!

These Cuban troubadours at Cuba Nostalgia felt compelled to sing about her (well... really, they sang about the Cuban flag she wore on her chest, but that's not important right now). Seriously. A force of nature.

Ay, Dios mio.