Why my brain might explode

P1150001"Charo was once married to Xavier Cugat."

I spout off this interesting bit of trivia occasionally.  Not so much to impress anyone.  Frankly, you'd be pretty hard pressed to find many people who even know who it is I'm talking about.  It's sad, but my kids do.  Because I have been saying it a lot lately.

I usually say it as a way to highlight that there are certain useless bits of information that are just stuck in my brain, readily available for retrieval at any moment.

Yet, at the same time, I can walk into a room and have absolutely no idea what I went in there for.

I thought it was just a product of getting older. But now I'm beginning to suspect it really has more to do with me doing too much.

I am working on the programs for the kids' drama club production of "Seussical, the Musical." Lucy has one of the leads. She is Miss Gertrude McFuzz of the One-Feathered Tail.

And Jonathan plays the Grinch. I say this by way of explanation as to why I'm doing so much - I'm so proud of them both and I'm being supportive. Or maybe I'm being Obsessive-Compulsive?  Because I'm also coordinating and sewing the costumes for the show. 

Or maybe I'm micro-managing? Did I mention I was doing the makeup? And that, with Amy's help, I'll be filming it and creating dvd's for the entire cast? Or am I just multi-tasking?  I won't even bring up homeschooling.  Or the classes I'm taking at the Apple Store.  Oh yes, and running my business.  Blah, blah, blah.  Too much. Maybe I just need to practice saying "No?"

And as I try to find space for all those mental notes, I find the space is already in use.  Enter Charo and Xavier Cugat.  He had a hit in the 1930's with El Manisero and later made the first recording of Babalu ... speaking of that, have you been reading Babalu recently? Is the dictator actually dead? Or... not quite dead?

Wait!  What was this post about anyway? I had it just a minute ago...