He's a giver.

Ericincalcutta88Enough about me.
What about ... Eric?

Let me tell you some stuff about my husband.

This is my sweet Eric fresh out of college in 1988.

He's a So Cal native and grew up here in Mission Viejo.

He was valedictorian in high school, and graduated cum laude with a degree in Communications from the University of California, San Diego. (although he did go to UCLA for a semester, he never really considered himself a Bruin)

He's obviously a smart guy.

He's a wonderful surfer.

A great friend.

A caring husband.

An amazing father.

He is an internet marketing guru.

And he loves Cuban women. ;-)

The thing you would not immediately guess about him is what a generous heart he has.

He spent his first few months as a college grad getting a taste of life in "the REAL world."
The REAL world of Calcutta, India.  He served with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. You might recognize that as the organization founded by Mother Theresa.
Meeting her and working in Calcutta, as you can imagine, made a deep impact on his life.

Culcutta88But, a severe bout of typhoid fever in an Indian clinic gave him time to think and evaluate things. 

He realized he wasn't called to long term work on the mission field, but the time he spent there affected his heart forever.

Calcutta's loss. My gain. =D

As Christians, we believe in the biblical practice of giving.
Yes, I mean giving away money.
It is those things that we give our time, energy and money to, that shows what we value.

We live in the one of the most expensive counties in the U.S. and we GIVE MONEY AWAY!  And although finances have been tight at times, we have never gone without. 
We believe in a God of abundance. 
We support our local church and our friends in Christian service.

And so, we were really excited to be able to do this for the Pinninti family this past year.
If you're ever in Mopada, India, be sure to look for our name on the back of their new rickshaw.
Tell them Eric sent you. ;-)

"The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped."
~ Proverbs 11:25