Uno, dos, tres, cuatro...

P1260220This is the cover of my planner.

It reads:
They all belong to ME.

The photo is of all four of my kids: Lucy, Amy, Jonathan and Adam. And it serves as a daily reminder of the responsibility I have as a mother and mentor.

Amy commented on how funny that sounded to her.
"Does it really astound you so much?"

The answer is: Yes. Daily.

Because their ages are so spread out and they have always been in such different places in life, it always surprises me when I see all four of them together. 
Even after nearly 24 years of motherhood, the concept still humbles me.  You would think I would be used to it by now. It still takes my breath away and I think: "Wow. I'm responsible for bringing these four souls into the world."

On the day each one was born, I took a vow before God to raise them to be people of courage and integrity and to be decent human beings.  There were times when, as teenagers,  I wouldn't let Amy or Adam do something and they would just shrug their shoulders and offer this explanation to their friends: "She took a vow." =D

Half of the time I think I am doing my job well,  the other half I feel like I'm failing miserably (just like every other mother in the world, I'll bet).
But I'm a praying mother and I have mustard seed faith.

So every day when I reach for my planner, my primary job description looks me in the face.

And I am awed that God would trust me in this way.