Fun, fun, fun.

P1280228One of the first LP's I ever owned was a Beach Boys album - it featured live concert tracks and I remember staring at the cover and listening to it for hours.  I think it was a gift when we moved from Florida to California. I was completely captivated by the sound.

Then in the summer of 1966, Pet Sounds was released.
That was what really began my love affair with music and lyrics and harmonies . . and Brian Wilson.

When I was a teenager in the 70's I never missed an appearance by the Beach Boys and was lucky enough to see Brian actually perform with the group. (probably in between his nervous breakdowns) Amy had always wanted to see the Beach Boys, too, but sadly, they were dying off as she grew up.

But on Saturday, Amy and I went to see Brian Wilson perform.
Brian was joined on stage by Al Jardine - with his quintessential Beach Boy voice still intact. And 13 of the finest musicians I've ever heard. Wow. There is no greater delight than watching someone function in their gifting.  I think Amy realized that this wasn't just about pop culture. As familiar as all the music was.  She listened and had an "aha - this explains so much" moment. Later when we were discussing the show, she said, "Okay. Creative Genius. I get it." =D

And they sang every song we wanted them to!  And they sounded exactly like we wanted them to. It was so wonderful. The show lasted 3 (!!)  hours with just a short break. (Thank God for the break. We danced the entire time. =D)  After which they came back and played the entire Pet Sounds album. (I pretty much could have died happy right then)

I had one of those moments, where past and present collide. And with it all the corresponding emotions.  Not only was it great fun to share this with my daughter. It was a sweet reminder of my own past. Of what made me love the music so much. I felt like I was imparting something of myself to her.  I love that she has inherited my eclectic music taste.Amyme

But I especially love that she
was with me, dancing and laughing and singing along and sharing the magic of the evening.

I confess that I wept unashamedly when Brian sang the following song.
It has always been THE LOVE SONG in the soundtrack of my life.

So the next 2 minutes and 52 seconds are dedicated, not only to my husband, but to my kids and my family and to all my amazing friends as well. Enjoy.