Where you lead...I will follow.


Tuesdays are sacred.

It is a sacred bonding time for my daughters and me.

Lucy and I head over to Amy's to watch the Gilmore Girls every Tuesday evening. Sadly, we were thwarted last week because of the Laker game (against the Clippers. Lakers won 105-101).  And we were a little upset.

This wasn't about the Lakers,  it was OUR NIGHT. And I'm a little bitter that we had to miss it.

We don't subscribe to the cable service in our area (by choice), so we don't watch TV.  But we make the 10 minute trip to Amy's every week on Tuesday nights.  We laugh. We get upset when Rory does something stupid (you have to be a fan to understand). We mute the commercials and make up our own voice-overs. We laugh some more. We listen raptly to their witty banter and try desperately to imitate. We think we sound wise and witty. "Oh the cleverness of us!" But most importantly, we sing the theme song, (Carole King's "Where you lead") in harmony.Amylucy_2

My mom gets a huge kick out of this. She has come to understand that our ritual is important. Every Tuesday she will ask if we're going to go watch "the novela." There is no other genre of TV to someone who spends her time in Telemundo.  She & I used to watch "Que Pasa, USA?" together about 30 years ago - so this is how she relates. (Christmas gift hint: I'd sure love those episodes on dvd) =D

In this complex world and with our busy lives, it's hard to find a place to connect. We have carved out 1 hour to do this every Tuesday. In Stars Hollow (the fictional town where the show is set) my daughters who are 23 & 13 find they have everything in common.

Their snack of choice is popcorn and M&M's - it has just the right amount of sweet & salty going for it.(maybe that's just a chick thing)  ;-)

Why am I bringing this up on Saturday? Because the show they bumped for the Laker game last Tuesday is being shown tonight. There was no question that the 3 of us would cancel every other plan to be together for it.

I'm bringing the M&M's.