Cat Whisperer

Pb258164She thinks she owns him. She rides on his shoulders. She sits on his keyboard while he's trying to work. If she is quick enough she can sleep at the foot of our bed.

Meet Nefret Darby. Eric's cat.

We have 3 cats. Nefret, the cat Bastet, who owns Lucy, and Poseidon, who just tolerates Jonathan.  (we were studying ancient civilizations and myths when we got them.) They are all Bengals. That makes them talkative, smart, curious and they are very attached to people. Actually to just one person.

Eric belongs to Nefret.  She runs to the door when he gets home from work. They play fetch. I swear.  This would be too easy to make up. It's all true. He has trained her. She sleeps at his feet.

And she prefers to ride on his shoulder.
They have their own intimate relationship. I"m not really involved. Nefret tolerates me because of my proximity to Eric.

I let them have their special closeness. No, I'm not jealous.  I understand a relationship like this is hard to come by.
Eric Darby - Cat Whisperer
& Nefret Darby - Shoulder Rider.

Ah... A Man and his's a beautiful thing. ;-)