'Tis the season

I have nothing thoughtful or clever to say. (I know that's not really news.) But seriously, I am completely just enjoying the season. And I just wanted to share.
We have our tree up!  I know some of you were worried about this - here's the proof.

And the rest of the house is decorated, and my cards have been mailed, and my Cuba to Go! orders have been filled.
And gifts are mostly wrapped.

And Pam sent me 3 new Christmas cd's -  Thanks, Pam!

My grand-niece, Francesca is having a birthday party today.

Eric & I have a formal company party at the country club to attend tonight - for which I got a new black hootchie-mama dress. ;-) And it's a great excuse to wear high heels and make up. (ha!)
All that to say this - I won't be sitting anywhere near my computer for the rest of the weekend.

Well, I may have to share pictures of us all dressed up....
Feliz Navidad!