Easy does it?

Pc148860I had no internet connection for the entire day on Thursday.

For someone who is so techno-dependent this creates some difficult decisions. I chose to go have coffee with my friend, Kristen. And then I thought, "hey! I can probably get a bunch of other stuff done, too!"

Well...that is, I might have been able to get other stuff done, if I wasn't such a stinking perfectionist.

These are my Christmas cards. No, I didn't quickly upload my photos to Costco or Walmart and choose a perfectly wonderful pre-fab design. That would have been too easy.

I used some fabulous digital papers designed by the amazing Rhonna Farrer over at Two Peas. But then I had to tweak the design to make it my own and because I wanted the card to say Merry Christmas, because I am not a Season's Greetings or a Happy Holidays type of person. (but apparently I am a run-on sentence type of person)

Then I had to mess with it in Photoshop to give the photos a dimensional look. Notice I use the words "had to."  Obviously no one was holding a gun to my head here. This is just that annoying perfectionist bone in my brain that I am constantly fighting with.

I printed the cards on Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper, because just "pedestrian" photo paper would have been too vulgar. And then, even though our names and greeting are already printed on the cards, I had to sign a quick note on each one to personalize it a step further, because I really do genuinely care. (just not about run-on sentences.)   But I got all my cards signed and addressed and they will be going out tomorrow (always on the 15th of December).

I swear, I am hopeless. But aren't my cards just darn cute?

The good news is that my internet is finally fixed and it's totally screaming now.

It's better this way. It's just not good for me to have free time on my hands. =)