The Enabler.

Hello, my name is Marta, and I'm an Enabler.   ("Hi, Marta.")

I would have denied it, but the proof is overwhelming.  Oh, I come by it honestly.  My family is quite extensive and full of enablers.  I am surrounded by people who do things because of my personal influence. And possibly they resent it, but I'm not sure. I too am influenced by others. Isn't that what community life is about?

Eric would say I'm just opinionated. My kids would use the word, "bossy." I have some friends who would describe me as "passionate." Okay. I guess that's fair. (sounds better, anyway) Or maybe I'm just enthusiastic. Think Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in those old movies - "I've got it, kids! Let's put on a show!"

There are the people who are now homeschooling because I sang the praises of the Community Home Education Program - loudly. There are the friends who cook Cuban food regularly and are now hooked on Goya products - I regularly send them care packages. There are those who now use nothing but Dyna-Gro to feed their plants - like me.  (there's nothing better! I mean it!)

My niece, Katie is my enabler. Besides working at Borders (enough said), she started taping episodes of The Gilmore Girls a few years ago. I'm hooked. It's like crack. Every Tuesday... Must. Have. Gilmores.  What's worse is, we don't have cable, so Lucy & I travel to Amy's every week to get our fix. Oh yes. OUR. I have enabled her addiction as well.

Pa157219 My latest enabling episode: Our local community theatre (are you supporting the arts in your community??) had to add an extra weekend to their production of Seussical. I have to confess; I loved the show so much I told everyone I knew and went back a second time. (I also took eleven people with me).

That's our friend, Eddie in the backwards baseball cap. He played Horton, the Elephant. Go see this show if you get a chance - it's fabulous! (oops! there I go again!)

I do feel passion about the things I love, the things I do. I share books, websites, recipes (mostly Cuban recipes), Disneyland (seriously - go see those Halloween decorations!), plants, the gospel, scrapbook pages, restaurants, other blogs, concerts, shows, ideas. All the things that make up my life. All the things I feel strongly about. If you look at the sidebar items here on my blog, you will see my attempts to enable. 

Maybe a better description (rather than Enabler) would be an Evangelist -def. a person marked by evangelical enthusiasm for, or support of any cause.

I'm starting a support group. It's going to be so great! You've just GOT to be there! ;-)