True Confessions

I have moments when I feel superior.

It's true. I confess. I had one of those yesterday. Before I make my confession, I have to add this: it doesn't take much for me to feel superior. Now here's the caveat - I feel superior only to myself. (ha!) It takes very little for me to exceed my own expectations.  I love the feeling. I then begin to think I can do anything.

Here is what did it:

P8125510 I was making Spaghetti and Meatballs.  (I know. I know. NOT rocket science!)  I pulled the recipe from my Buca di Bepo cookbook.  That in itself is not the big deal. It was that the recipe called for "1/4 cup fresh basil."

I looked out my kitchen window and there it was. The herb garden box Jonathan had made for me. And in it: FRESH BASIL.  (it's the tall light green stalk on the right - insert angelic choir here) 

I had such a Rachael Ray moment as I went out and picked my fresh basil and added it to my sauce. 

Yes. I was indeed superior. For a moment.  In my own mind. =D  I'm confident now that I can even master bruschetta.