Ok.  I knew the minute I posted this picture, we would be so busted.
So I am coming clean.
Yes. We ditched school yesterday.
(even homeschoolers have the urge to ditch at times)
But we had a great reason...
Our friends, Gene & Pam were visiting from Hanford
and we HAD to go to Disneyland together!
So happy to be with our friends.
Then Amy joined us. And Helen & Daisy.
It was a PERFECT So Cal Disneyland day.
Well, it was an almost perfect So Cal Disneyland day. Except for the high winds.
It was 50 degrees and super windy.
Windy and cold.
Which made it practically freezing for us.
Jonathan bought some gloves.
Pam bought a scarf, hat & jacket.
We clung to each other.
Sooo stinking cold. And those gusty winds!
I know those of you who know "real" weather are mocking us.
That wind went right through our "we-don't-even-own-coats-because-we-live-in-So-Cal" light sweatshirts.
We had an amazingly fun day with our friends, (I'll post pictures later)
but we were sooo chilled. (Cuban blood, remember?)


I felt a little guilty about skipping school.
Until I realized that we had just done the science lab before the lesson.
Guess what our science lesson was about today...

The Wind Chill Factor. ;-)