We go together...

Working on that Christmas video and sorting through my pictures gives me a total "Now and Then" perspective.  Babies_of_the_80s_copy_1
Because I'm a scrapbooker, I write my journaling stories more about relationships, than I do events. Although, I'm all about chronicling events, too.

I love seeing relationships evolve in my photos.  I love documenting growth.  I see where we are now and I remember where we've been.  The perspective from here makes it that much more compelling.

Here are my older kids and some of their same age cousins. Noche Buena, 1986.
We call this group, "The Babies of the 80's."

(although a couple of them were born in 1978, and Julie wasn't even born until 1987) As you can see we were very busy adding to the family during that decade. ;-)

That's Amy in blue taffeta & Adam is the baby in the tux.

Here they are again.
Young adults. 18 years later.
Still hanging out.

They still care for one another. I love that they are not just cousins, but friends.

I love that they call me when they just want to talk or have a design idea.  I love that they are smart and funny and have a quick wit. I love that they call me "Auntie M." (think Wizard of Oz)

I love that they are all proud of their Cuban heritage. I'm certainly proud of them.