Making a Good Impression

P2160986 We homeschool our children. I know this sounds like a mysterious thing to most people. But really, it's simply our lifestyle.

Our days go something like this:

We leisurely get up and make our beds. We come downstairs and each one makes their own breakfast. Unless Lucy is anxious to try out a new muffin recipe. In which case, we are all willing subjects.

Lucy and Jonathan take turns on different days loading and unloading the dishwasher. They bring their laundry baskets downstairs and sort whites from darks and start a load. They grab whatever book they are reading, and read as they eat their breakfast. This is the only time of day that reading at the table is acceptable.

If it's Monday, they strip their beds before coming downstairs because Mondays mean clean sheets. Jonathan will cruise the entire house for trash and take the barrels out. Mondays are also trash days.

We come into our office/studio/schoolroom and see what is waiting for us on the white board- which Lucy has put on there the night before. They start every day with online math. They work independently and can monitor their own progress. Today we are listening to Strauss waltzes as we work. I say "we" because I, too, am working as I write this blog, or filling orders for Cuba to Go! Some days we listen to Beny MorΓ©. =D 

Lucy has an online American History class through Pacific Coast High School. Jonathan and I are reading through 1776 for his history. He will narrate back to me what I have read. We discuss. This means I know immediately if he understands the subject. We don't have tests in our school.  Can I help it if  we use our time more productively than the California school system?

They write something every day. Lucy would like to become a published author one day. She is already working on a novel and multiple short stories. Jonathan has a vivid imagination. We have been reading to them since they were just babies. They are both terrific writers and voracious readers.

Today is Wednesday, which means Jonathan will be playing in a racquetball tournament and Lucy will have her piano lesson. Her teacher, who comes to our home is in his late 60's.  She likes him because he's fun to banter with and she enjoys his teaching style.

Somehow they get through all their tasks and have time to jump on the trampoline, hang out with friends and finish their spelling exercises. (Mom has a high value for proper spelling.) Jonathan plays Legos. Lucy plays music.  They take time together to rehearse for their spring musical.

They help water plants and prepare dinner. We sit and eat as a family. They are independent and smart. Funny and compassionate. I realize what we are teaching them falls more under the category of Life Skills than homeschooling.

We are confident that we are the biggest influences in their lives. By spending the quantity of time we do with them, the quality of that time is greatly enhanced.  Learning happens all day long.

I think we've made a Good Impression.