Must. Have. Cuban. Food.

There are 3 Cuban restaurants in Orange County.
I might have mentioned this before. This is one of the reasons we cook Cuban so much. Mission Viejo is so NOT Miami. But we have adapted. Travel time to each one is at least 45 minutes to an hour for us, not counting traffic. And there is always traffic. I know. That sounded a little whiny.
Our favorite is Felix's Continental Cuisine. Because the people in the kitchen are actually Cuban. That, and it is located in a charming old section of the City of Orange called The Orange Circle. It's got the whole sidewalk cafe thing going for it.

Our friends, George and Alysa live in the complete opposite direction from us, which puts Felix's in about the geographic center between our two homes. Because of our busy lives, I don't get to see my friend, Alysa as much as I'd like - I don't get Cuban food cooked by someone else as much as I'd like, either.

George knows this.

Which is why, when they are in the O.C. he will call and ask us to meet them there for dinner.
The first time, he didn't tell Alysa we were meeting them. As soon as she sees the sign that says Cuban food, she says to him, "I wish my friend Marti were here." I'm happy to report my timing was impeccable and I appeared right on cue as if in answer to her prayers. We had a great laugh over that.
Here's where it gets better... he did it again on a separate occasion.
And she wished it again.
And she thought it was another amazing coincidence that I suddenly appeared AGAIN.

Did I mention Alysa was blond?P8145524