"Ju got some 'splaining to do.."

Lucy's piano teacher is trying to keep her challenged. He has started her on Beethoven and I love to listen to her trying new things each Wednesday when he comes over for her lesson.

Imagine my surprise when, after playing "Fur Elise," about 20 times, I hear the familiar opening notes of...


"What? How? Who?"  I shout out the monosyllabic questions.

"Luza," she says with a shrug.

This is the first I've heard of this. Luza is my mom. Her real name is Luz Aurora, but her grandchildren renamed her and she is Luza to everyone. She's 92 and spends every 3rd weekend with us. My mom doesn't really play the piano, but she can play Chopsticks and the Cuban National Anthem. She decided to teach it to Lucy (who, by the way, is named after her).

My mom calls her, "La Bella Lucy."  Lucy laughs every time.

She keeps playing. With tremendous enthusiasm this time. I am laughing out loud, because it's so funny to hear my home echoing with this music. And then, inexplicably, I get choked up.

Viva Cuba Libre!