"I see Dutch people"

Pc319548Yes, I am deliberately hiding behind that person who is a slimy version of my husband because of the trashy mini-skirted outfit I was wearing.

No, I don't have any real tattoos.

There's a perfectly reasonable explanation why we are dressed as trailer trash. We're just grateful we didn't get pulled over and then have to explain our outfits to the police.

Our good friends, George and Alysa have a tradition of hosting a murder mystery dinner on New Year's Eve.  This one was called Honky Tonk Homicide.
I can't even begin to describe how much fun this is.

First of all, George is an amazing gourmet cook and, being Italian, he lives to feed people. He is also a drama teacher.  We love being the happy recipients of his hospitality. The guests all really get into their characters, which makes the mystery more compelling.  The food was incredible. The company delightful.  And...

the preacher did it.

Added bonus:
We spent the night and got to partake of the Dutch New Year's Day tradition of  Ollieballen. I think it translates literally to "oil balls."  A type of round donut.
Of course, George again made enough delicious food to feed the army of Dutch people that comprise Alysa's family. Add six Darbys to that and you have quite the hungry and noisy crowd.

We love how George is so very Italian and Alysa is so very Dutch. Add to this mix my own Cuban-ness and we have quite a melting pot thing going on.

Alysa and I met when we were both pregnant, 21 years ago and instantly bonded along with our newborn boys.
P1019554 I love that Adam & her boys, John-Pieter and Rein are still friends.

It is always a wonderful way to start the new year.  Lots of food and laughter and just great friends.

We hope the rest of 2007 brings many more good times with the people we love.
That is my wish for all of you, too.

Happy New Year!