Japi Niulliar

Celebrating New Year's - the Cuban way.
You have to pay close attention now, because this is a little complicated.

In preparation for midnight, you will need:

  • 12 grapes. (One for each month of the year)
  • Champagne or cider. (to wash them down)
  • A bucket of water. (representing anything bad that happened in 2006)
  • And a suitcase. (that's if you're hoping to travel in 2007)

When the clock strikes 12, you quickly eat the grapes and wash them down with the cider.

You throw the water out into the street.
Then you run outside with your suitcase.

WaterbucketI almost forgot...Don't forget to wear your red underwear for good luck!

If you happen to be in Miami, you might find people outside burning effigies of the old year and setting off fireworks. And no one will think any of this is weird.

If you happen to be in Mission Viejo...
you will have a lot of explaining to do to.

Prospero AΓ±o Nuevo!