Hi Adam! I Love You!

Kikita here.

Today is a very special day. It is the 23rd anniversary of the day I became a big sister.
(Of course, that means I had someone else I could dress - and make them dress like me.)

Christmas kids

Yes, this is the day all hopes of being an only child were stolen from me and the word "SHARE" entered my life.
I was the one who wanted a cat. It was MY cat. Guess who named that cat?


Yeah, he LOOKS all sweet and innocent . . . as he STOLE my naming rights!
(Mom had taken the cat to the vet and when she got back, the cat was "bigger" and so the name stuck. "Bigger" it was. He was a great cat.)

If you hadn't already guessed, it's Adam's birthday. As karmic retribution for making me have to share, he happens to have to share his birthday with my cousin Helen del Carmen (Happy Birthday, Helen!). BAHAHA!

Actually, them sharing a birthday led to some great parties growing up . . . but I digress.

Adam is 23 today. Can you tell?

Adam flexing

I've done my best to teach him what I could - for example: I always get the front seat because I'm the girl.

And, for all his "little" brother-ness, he has done what he could to be a big brother when he needs to . . . (like when I'm having car trouble or am in any other kind of trouble, I know I can call him at any hour and he will be there in a heartbeat to help me - THEN beat me up for getting into trouble.)

Adam is the one person I have shared my whole life with. Don't tell Mami I said this, but Adam may actually know me even better than SHE does.

Because we had to share so much growing up, I really think that Adamand I developed our own sort of language (kind of like twins, but not as obvious.) If you ask him, Adam will tell you only good things about me (unless I happen to have NOT shared something with him and he's not happy about it, then he could divulge all my secrets, but I do what I can to keep that from happening too often).

I know we have our own language because he listens to me. If we are driving somewhere new and get a bit lost, I could tell him to turn left and he would do it even if everything in him told him to go right. (I admit, he has a better sense of direction than I do, but that doesn't stop him from listening to me.) At the same time, I could say "Let's take a picture!" and even if he really didn't want to at that moment, he would participate because I asked him to and he would know just what face to make.

Adam & me    

(This is one of my favorite pictures of us.)

Adam and I will just randomly text each other. "I love you!"

Ok, usually the text reads: Hi Adam! I love you!
To which he replies: Hi Amy! I love you too!
(and vice versa)

We always tell each other "I love you!" when getting off the phone (even if we had a fight).

And we have one more special thing we do . . .

One day we were driving to go have dinner with our grandparents and we were listening to the radio. A particular song came on and we both started singing along only half-knowing the words.
Being the dramatic people we are, we really started to get into it and both leaned in for some melodramatic humming at the same moment . . . the moment happened to be THE WRONG PART OF THE SONG. We laughed and kept driving.

Amy adam kissy faces

On the way home, the song came on again and THIS time we got our "Hmmmm hmmm hmmm . . . hmmmm HMMMM hmmm hmmms" in the right place and not during the guitar solo.
I can't hear this song and not think of him. So, EVERYTIME I hear it, I call him and you know what's great? He does the same for me.

I know that not everybody shares a such a special bond with their sibling and I am forever grateful that I was so lucky with Adam. I think I have successfully taught him what sharing is all about. ;-)