Helen.... Wheels?

My sister, Helen, has a daughter, whom she named... Helen. I know. It was a totally Cuban thing to name children after their parents back in the day, but that's not important right now.

Technically, she named her Helen del Carmen.
So in order to differentiate between them, the family thing has been to call the younger Helen by her full name: Helen del Carmen.
Ah... but there are so many levels of differentiation.... and you'd think with there now being two Helens in the family there would be no more room for nicknames, but nooooo....

There are times when my sister becomes Big Helen (which she's technically not) and my niece becomes Little Helen - which is a name more appropriate for a circus midget - meaning no disrespect to either Helen del Carmen or to circus midgets.... is it even politically correct to call them midgets anymore?

Ah.... but I digress....

Today is Helen's birthday.

My niece.
Little Helen.
Helen del Carmen.
Helen dC.
Helen Wheels.*
Helen del Taco.
My Disneyland Buddy.

Helen del

or just Helen del...

Never mind. It's a Cuban thing. ;-)

Happy Birthday, HdC!

(* "Helen Wheels" is a song by Paul McCartney and Wings which is about Paul & Linda's Land Rover which they nicknamed "Hell on Wheels," but that's not important right now, either. =D)