God Save the Queen (or Princess)

YoungelizaAs Cuban as I am, I have to remember that my daughter also has English Darby blood in her veins.

And truly, she carries herself with such amazing confidence and poise. And I KNOW she didn't inherit that from me. =D

We're in the middle of the Renaissance now in Junior High.
Lucy goes to school one day a week with other homeschooled kids to get her fill of socializing and, this semester, hithers and yons.

She picked Elizabeth Tudor as the character she wanted to study.
She was the loving and nice Tudor.
She was the one who loved the people and the people loved her back.

I think my daughter picked the character whose character was most like her own.

P3122147 In costume, Lucy carries herself with a regal air that is almost breathtaking.

But underneath that elegant Elizabethan exterior, her heart beats to a cha-cha rhythm.

My Cuban-American Princess.

She can't help it. It's in her blood. ;-)