Full House

P3182270I always wished that mine would be the house where all the kids wanted to hang out. (even though it makes me absolutely crazy when kids say they are just going to hang out.)
But I am so not "the cool mom."
I'm pretty strict about voices and volume and feet on furniture and doors being open. I insist on "pleases" and "thank yous."

And they have to do stuff, not just sit around. (I know. Meanest Mom in the Whole Wide World.) They've learned.

Now their friends all know: if you're going to be at the Darbys, you're not just going to be hanging out, you're going to be doing something.
Today, we had a house full of Lucy's friends over. That's right: Junior High age. What I love about these kids though, is that they are all homeschooled and totally get it when I tell them they are welcome to be here all day, but they need to be doing stuff.
Today they played ComedySportz. Or group improv games. (like the tv show,  "Who's Line Is It Anyway?") Adam used to play in high school and I asked him to please teach this group.
Too. Much. Fun.
P3182282 After they all went home, the phone lines were buzzing.
"That was the FUNNEST DAY EVER!"
"Can we do it again NEXT WEEK?"
"Will Adam teach us MORE games?"

So it seems we will be hosting more kids next week and every Sunday from here on out. =D

The real comedy in this is that Adam was on the phone to his friends, too. These are the same group of guys who used to come over here all the time when Adam was in high school.
"Hey, guys! ComedySportz at my house every Sunday afternoon! Who's in?"

Answer: ALL. OF. THEM.

Ay! Dios Mio! 

Be careful what you wish for...