Entertaining Angels

Jono_amy_bw_1We had an unexpected house guest last week. (I know. those of you who have been reading this blog are wondering how we do it. But read on and you'll understand the why.)

Meet our fabulous friend, Jonathan Hunter.

He was involved in Saddleback Church's Global Aids Summit. But he needed a place to crash, and of course, knowing that we are right around the corner from the local mega-church, he called asking if there was room at the inn.

Of course, it was a no-brainer. We felt very blessed to be able to spend time with him and give him a place to crash. My Jonathan graciously agreed to give up his room.

Jonathan Hunter is a world renowned speaker and minister in the Global Aids community. He is the founder and director of Desert Stream's Embracing Life Ministry. Read more about his testimony and outreach here.

More important than being a popular international speaker and having a far reaching ministry, Jonathan is our friend.  And of course, he loves my Cuban cooking. =D

He and Amy share a birthday (June 16th).
My son, Jonathan, was named after him.
It was an especially sweet blessing to have him with us. 

Looking forward to having you back, Jono. There's always room at the inn.