Confessions of an Uber-Geek

P1140452We're going to Malibu this weekend.
That sounds so cool, huh?
It conjures mental pictures of cruising Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible, parade-waving at movie stars and checking the surf.

The truth?
I am an Uber-Geek.

We are taking the family in the minivan to visit The Getty Villa in Malibu. That's right. Approximately 44,000 Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities, not to mention the architecture and gardens.
Be still my heart.

Then we're heading over to the Getty Center in L.A. to see the exhibit of Medieval illuminated manuscripts and Byzantine icons.
Then we'll visit the Monets and Van Goghs. And I'll get all emotional.
Then we'll stop here for dinner. =D
For a Cuban-American Uber-Geek, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Happy first weekend of 2007!