LittlethingslayoutI'm obviously very outspoken about the things that I love.

The big things don't need to be spelled out: God. My husband. My kids. My home.

It's the little things that are telling.  Those little things that you might not guess about me when you first meet me. Or even if you have known me a long time. Those are the things that intimately describe me.

I am working on my "year in review" scrapbooking layouts, and I came across this one from a couple of years ago.

I would probably have to add a few more things, but the picture it paints is still pretty accurate.

I never used to scrapbook about myself.  My kids were always the subjects of my pages. They are so adorable and busy and it is fun to document all the things they do. Besides, I'm really proud of them all. And, scrapbooking life events is a no-brainer.

Telling about myself is more difficult.  Particularly things that are important to me. It has just been in the past 6 months that I have even begun to document my own story of  leaving Cuba and starting life in America. That has been the most difficult of all.  It seems like it would be boring to anyone who had not lived it.  But, I have found since I started this blog, that there are many of us who have "lived it." I'm in extremely good company here.

I have to remind myself that the people who love me care about my life and especially the little things. I remember this as I work.  This requires more thought and introspection than I'm typically comfortable with. And just a little bit of fearlessness. I could expound and explain each item, and it's not completely exhaustive, but I think I will just let the list speak for itself.  Here goes....


  • Romantic comedies
  • Noche Buena
  • Jewel tones
  • a great pen
  • All things Cuban
  • the beach
  • My family
  • quotes
  • fresh HOT bread
  • simplicity
  • salsa music
  • Lord of the Rings
  • sentences that begin with: "when I'm an inventor..."
  • scrapbooking
  • guava pastry
  • foot massages
  • movie lines
  • fonts
  • Ancient Egypt
  • 1928 Jewelry
  • Victoria's Secret nightgowns
  • the lake at 6pm
  • illustrated children's books
  • Perrier w/ lime
  • Cafe des Riches for breakfast
  • sleeping in
  • Lucy's laugh
  • My Rose Garden
  • Prismacolor pencils
  • Hanalei Bay in Hawaii
  • Reading aloud
  • The Improv

So... now you know. =D