Beisbol and Urban Legends

HEADLINE:  The Cardinals ended a 24-year World Series title drought with a 4-2 win over Detroit in Game 5. That's baseball speak for "the World Series is over and the St. Louis Cardinals won." 

Angel_people I like baseball.  I'm Cuban. I'm pretty sure it's a federal mandate of some sort - "if you're Cuban, you must like beisbol."  Being right here in Orange County, I like going to Edison Field to watch the Angels play. 

Okay, so it's really more of a shallow thing. I like to wear red and go on free hat days. I like the sounds of a live game.  We're all about the "rally monkey." I like the fireworks when the Angels hit a home run.

See? Shallow.

And truthfully, I didn't even know which team was going to the World Series. For a minute there, my family was all pumped up, because Rafa's brother-in-law, Shawn is playing for the Mets and they were in the playoffs. Then I might have cared more about the series this year.

I confess too, that I wish the urban legend concerning fidel being rejected by the Yankees or the Senators were true. How I love a good ironic urban legend! I get caught up in the "what if's" and wonder how differently my life might have been if the bearded one been a decent baseball player.  And would they be giving away hats in Havana?

Angel_shoes But fate dealt my hand differently.  I am grateful to be living here in Orange County. But, being shallow, I am just really grateful I get to wear my red sneakers at least a few times a year.