Was it worth it for the apple pie?

I went because it was important to him. He doesn't usually do stuff with me and the younger kids. But today he wanted to take us to Julian, California. Just for the day. Adam is 20 and his real life doesn't include a mother and siblings. This is why we made the extra effort to go with him. (that, and we took Eric's Mustang)

Pa257312  Julian is a little town in the mountains northeast of San Diego. We have been going there every year since any of the kids can remember.  We have some fabulous memories of our times there. Today we made a memory again.  It was Adam's idea to go.  It's apple picking season. If nothing else we were in for some wicked apple pie.

In years past, we would have booked a bed & breakfast for a few days. But Adam was so fired up about going, we thought we could do it in one day.  Besides we had Eric's Mustang convertible.

In spite of our limited time there we did quite a lot. We calculated that the Main Street of town is shorter than the Main Street in Disneyland (only not as clean).  We walked into every shop. Jonathan found a perfect Indiana Jones hat and a cap gun. Lucy bought a cozy scarf for herself and for Amy. Of course we brought home two kinds of apple pies: the crumb top and regular. 

We took a carriage ride down the main road which was quite a tPa257418reat and extremely peaceful. There was a group (pack? herd? gaggle?) of wild turkeys running around, which was a treat for us city folk.On the way home we found The Pumpkin Patch. We came home with 4 perfect pumpkins. (they thought to get one for Amy - I always get touched by those gestures)

I couldn't quite get the nerve to do the corn maze. I kept picturing myself in an M. Night Shyamalan movie. ("I see Cuban people." =D)

No thanks!

The drive took 5 hours.

We saw pretty much all of Julian in 2 hours.

A day spent with my son? .... priceless.