The Highlights of 2015

It's the beginning of the new year and I'm still trying to get used to writing the 16 at the end of my checks. (Does anybody else still write checks?) 

Like everyone does, I am compelled to take a backwards peek at 2015 and see the things that went right and wrong. I think it's good to review the things that were worth celebrating and the things that I felt strongly enough about  to write for posterity. 

Without further ado, here are the Highlights of 2015 as seen through my bloggy eyes. 

1) Skywalker Ranch Visit

Bloggers visit to famed Skywalker Ranch

Bloggers visit to famed Skywalker Ranch

My year started off with a visit to the infamous Skywalker Ranch in Marin County. Home of Industrial Light and Magic and the center of all sound for every film ever. We toured and loved and even got to meet George Lucas himself. Read all about that here

2) Why Are Cubans So Special?

I read an article (very political) in the NY Times entitled, Why Are Cubans So Special? I, of course, because I'm Cuban, (and VERY opinionated), I can tell you exactly all the reasons why Cubans are special - in a not political way. And I did right here

3) My Mom is 101

It still feels very surreal to write that. I shared a story about her quinceañera back in the day and an awesome recipe for delicious homemade mayonnaise. I swear it makes sense. Read the story here to understand why.

4) ALL the "Feels" at Pixar Animation Studios

One of the surprising and delightful perks of blogging is that I get to visit wonderful places and have amazing experiences, which I then write about, of course. On my Fantasy Bucket List - because I never thought it would be possible in any universe - was a visit to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California. Here's my take on that magical place. 

5) My Kids Move Further From Home Than I'd Like 

I didn't share many intimate things this year. But when my kids moved further from me than I'd like, it caused an empty nester crisis. Here's the story

6) What's Important Right Now

The times I did write more intimately, I used a re-cap format about the things that are important to me at the moment, adding the title, What's Important Right Now, but that's not important right now. Here you go.

7) The Dodgers and The Cubanity

I had the distinct honor and privilege of serving on the Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium Committee. This led to meeting Andy Garcia, being on the field, and getting my picture up on the giant jumbo-tron. Seriously one of the highlights of my year. Read the whole beautiful thing here.

8) Marta. Version 6.0

I turned 60 last year, people. I had lots of thoughts to share about this milestone. Enjoy my deep thoughts right here.

9) Summer Movies and the AV Cart

A glimpse into the way we entertain and celebrate summer. Outdoor Movies are the thing

10) How To Make Cuban Mantecado Ice Cream 

I shared lots of recipes last year on my blog. This is one of the ones I'm most proud of. Because MANTECADO ICE CREAM!! Be sure to bookmark it so you can return to it over the summer.

11) You Know You're Cuban If...

A random conversation with my husband led me to think about and make a list of the things that make me oh-so-Cuban. You'll enjoy this, I know. Read all about it right here.

12) 10 Cuban Superstitions That Helped You Survive

Sometimes I just sit down and write stuff that amuses me. This was one of those posts. Having said that, let me just say that there's no greater feeling than having people connect to my own Cuban crazy and share and share and share. Yes, this post went viral. I think because every Cuban can relate to having grown up with some things that are maybe a little superstitious, but we do it anyway, 'por si las moscas.' Please feel free to share some more! Here's that link.

13) 5 Cuban Desserts That You Need to Master

My go-to list of Cuban desserts. If you master these 5, you'll always get invited everywhere. Trust me. We Cubans may or may not be prone to some exaggeration.  Here's the list

14) 10 Things That Are Awesome About Being Cuban At Christmas

I wrote a lot about being Cuban and being superstitiously Cuban, and being a little crazily Cuban, but I also wrote about how awesome it is to be Cuban at Christmastime. Also, this is the post where I coined the phrase, 'Cuban Clean®' - Number 7 on the list - you feel me now, don't you? Click here for the story

15) 8 Crazy Cuban New Year's Eve Traditions

And when I say 'crazy,' I mean crazy-awesome. New Year's Eve - where superstition and Cubanity reach their crescendo. I probably could have added a dozen more to my list, but I wanted to end the year efficiently. Here's that link

Thank you so much for reading, loving, responding to, and sharing my posts. I love that you are all part of My Big, Fat, Cuban Family. 

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