Cubanity in Your Mailbox - Every Month!

I live in Southern California. Not South Florida. And sometimes it's hard to be Cuban here. 

There are lots of Cubans in lots of places and we manage to find each other in whatever corner of the globe we inhabit. I have often shared here on my blog that it's weird being Cuban and living in south Orange County - Go South on The 5. We're halfway between LA and San Diego.

Which is one of the reasons I started blogging almost 10 years ago - it was hard to find Cuban food to begin with, unless I cooked it myself. So we often had to organize A Road Trip to Portos - Take The 405 North to The 605 to The 5 to the 134. See? We are sooo So Cal. 

If I left right now and didn't hit too much traffic, I could be standing in line for a pastelito and a cortadito in about an hour and a half.  I know. But if you're a Cuban living anywhere outside the Miami 305 area code, you know the lengths we will go to for Cuban food.

Enter 'Abuela Mami.' Their claim to fame is "Cuban goodies in your mailbox every month."


Yes, please! 

They were kind enough to send me a box last week. 

People, I almost wept from the beauty of finding all this gorgeous Cubanity at my doorstep.

My Big Fat Cuban Family - Abuela Mami - Cuban goodies in your mailbox

The goodies came well packed in a fabric bag in the shipping box. Here's what I found inside:

My Big Fat Cuban Family - Abuela Mami - Cuban goodies in your mailbox
  • An old-school, Cuban-style cafetera
  • La Carreta Brand Espresso
  • A package of Maria Cookies
  • My own very Cuban "tacita" (demitasse cup)
  • A couple of strawberry candies
  • Instructions on How to Make Cuban Coffee
My Big Fat Cuban Family - Abuela Mami - How to make Cuban coffee

Can you imagine? All of this Cuban fabulousness. Every month. In your mailbox. I can see no downside here. 

There are two boxes to choose from:

  • The Surprise Box: $24.95/month
  • Coffee Box: $24.99/month

Shipping is free in the US. $30 to ship internationally. 

I am that Cuban mother who recently FedEx-ed a cantina full of Vaca Frita to my daughter, Amy in Sacramento. So, as you can plainly see, I think Cuban goodies in your mailbox is a thing everyone should experience. 

My Big Fat Cuban Family - cantina

Thank you so much for sending the Cubanity my way, 'Abuela Mami.' I couldn't love you any more. Oh! The Cubanity!

Here's my own take on "How to Make Cuban Coffee with KILLER Espuma." Por si las moscas.

Full disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I did receive a box of Cuban goodies from 'Abuela Mami.' The opinion that it was fabulous is my own.

Also, I don't deliver cantinas.