How lucky can you get?

It's taken me a full week to sort through the hundreds of pictures and the range of emotions that my nephew's wedding evoked. I know. Everyone who's older than 20 does one of those "I remember when....." things.

I think that's what's so lovely about weddings. So many of those present are thinking the I-remember-when thoughts about the bride or groom. There's nostalgia and hope and more than a few tears. I always fill in the action with my own dialog: What must she be thinking right now? What must he be thinking?

There was Michael standing at the altar waiting for his bride. His left foot twitching the same way it did when he was four years old and nervous about an upcoming special event.

The attendants all came up the aisle and he looked at each one, but you could see he still glanced over their shoulders. "Where is she?"

We all rose and there was Kimberly on her father's arm, looking properly nervous and excited.
Wedding bride
But the look on his face; it was absolutely priceless. You just know he was thinking:

"Wow. How lucky am I?"

Wedding groom 

The bride and groom both patiently endured the ceremony that turned Miss Kimberly Hernandez into Mrs. Michael VerdΓ©s. You could tell he was just waiting for the moment when he would be given permission to kiss his bride. And what a kiss!

You just know they were both thinking:

"Wow. How lucky am I?"

Wedding kiss 1 

Wedding kiss 2 

Wedding kiss 3 

Wedding kiss 4 

Then came the anticipated announcement when they were introduced for the first time as husband and wife...

You just know she was thinking:

"Wow. How lucky am I?"
Wedding bouquet 

(NOTE: This is my absolutely favorite picture from the entire day. Que chispa!)

Congratulations Kimberly and Michael! May you live happily ever after. =D