You can't stop the beat...

So, if you're a regular reader, you know that my kids are all theater geeks. And I know I'm the mom and everything, but they really are pretty good. (No. Really. They are.)

Can I just tell you how much I love to sit in the audience and applaud them? Because I get to see all of their hard work to get to that moment when they're on stage and going for the laugh. And I'm always holding my breath and crossing my fingers hoping they get it.

It's not just the performance that makes me happy, it's when I see them doing something fearlessly. Like Eric often says, "I could never have done that at that age....or even now!"

Jonathan was in a Broadway-type review for this year's play. There were 24 kids in 18 numbers and I managed to costume them all (with a little help from my friends - actually with A LOT of help from my friends, but that's not important right now).

Jon was in a few of the numbers, but this last one pretty much brought the house down. He didn't quite remember the choreography, but it didn't much matter. When he came on stage, you couldn't take your eyes off him.(Possibly because he was wearing a sparkly red gown....)


I love that he was completely fearless and comfortable enough in his own skin to pull this off.

So here's Jonathan, my 14 year old son, playing Edna Turnblad (the John Travolta character) in Hairspray.

WARNING: Put down whatever you're drinking, or it may just come out your nose. ;-)