Words with the Older and Wiser

Kikita here.

I didn’t watch the inauguration yesterday. I was in bed with a migraine.
My abuela, on the other hand, watched the whole thing.
So this morning she started to tell me all about it. All about the people cheering, and the beautiful speeches, and how the word “change” was in every other sentence . . . and how it reminded her so much of when fidel first came to Havana that it was scary.

She was telling me how there are “Obama burgers” and chicken nuggets being sold for 44 cents because he is the 44th president . . . among other things.
And how there were posters of fidel welcoming him to the city and how she had one up in her house too.


She told me how the people of Chicago were up early and out and cheering in the snow and freezing cold. Then she told me how fidel had gone to pay his respects to La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and they had lined up to watch. And that they didn’t move even when the rain started to pour. She said it was so ironic because there he had been at church and then it turns out he was a communist, and “communism is the enemy of the church.”

She ended by saying that she’s praying for the president and hoping that we aren’t getting fooled again.