Whole lotta latte

Kikita here!

Last week, Mami and I stumbled into a weird and wonderful world.
(Ok, we didn't really stumble, we were invited and we took Lucy & Katie with us, but that's not important right now.)

A land of milk and honey. (Ok, mostly milk and I don't think there was any honey at all, but that is not important right now either.)

Got milk

The fabulous got milk? people did it again! They invited Mami to another event in the oh-so-posh restaurant called La Pain Quotidien on Melrose and since I am Mami's driver, it was obvious I had to go.


 The fact that the name of the event was "Toast the Holidays with Lattes" (made by THE Heather Perry) so there was going to be mass amounts of cafe had absolutely nothing to do with me getting to go. ;-)


Obviously, it was very important to sample EVERYTHING that Heather made.

From the Pumpkin Spice Latte to the TRES LECHES Latte (which tasted EXACTLY like a good cafe con leche) to the Holiday Frozen Hot Chocolate.


I admit, I may have taken a second helping of the Tres Leches Latte. . . and maybe the Eggnog Latte too.


When you're doing a latte tasting, you can expect a lotta Latinas to show up for the event. Oye, we know our cafe con leche even if you try to call it a "latte." =D


While Mami and I were busy mingling and tasting, Lucy and Katie dove into the fun craft.

Yes, of course they would take breaks to munch on a muffin and do some tasting of their own.

Lucy's favorite latte was the Toffee Mocha. (Hija de su papa, I swear. Totally her father's daughter. Mami doesn't like nuts, so toffee is definitely not her cup of . . . cafe? =D)

Katie, on the other hand, was really digging the Peppermint Mocha Martini, but I think it was just because of the fun peppermint bits on the rim of the cup.


After downing so many lattes, I may have gotten a little crazy (I can't imagine why) and I grabbed a few of the temporary tattoos that were sitting on the table and I put it on. I think it looked kind of cool.

Temp tatoo 

As if the day was not fun enough, since we WERE on Melrose, it seemed only fitting to see someone famous. Yes, it IS "Jessie" from "Saved by the Bell," (aka Elizabeth Berkley) and yes I WAS out of my skin excited.

Saved by the bell girl 

But one of the very best parts of being at the event (well, outside of all the cafe con leche) was seeing and connecting with so many other amazing Latina bloggers.

From left: Silvia Martinez of Mama Latina Tips, Sandra Gonzalez of Soy Fashionista, Dariela Cruz of Nuestra Vida Con Adrian (she’s pictured with Adrian J), Mami, Ana Flores of Spanglishbaby with baby Camila, Liz Cerezo of Thoughts of a Mommy of Three, and Marcela Beatty of 8 year olds and Babies pictured with baby Audrey.

Blog mamas 

Where is YOUR milk mustache??

Lucy moustache 

The got milk? people are always so generous . . . They gave me this super cool (no pun intended) insulated tote bag. PLUS a full-size adjustable apron and a milk-frothing-thingy with the recipes on a cd. Since I got an extra one and I think it would make a rad Christmas gift, I'm excited to announce my very first comment giveaway!!


Here's what you have to do: Just leave me a comment here. On this post.

We will be holding the official drawing on Monday, December 14 at 11 am.

So, do you make your own latte daily? Or are you more of the 4-bucks everyday type?
(Or are you like me and lattes are a comfort drink along the lines of hot chocolate?)