What's Important Right Now - March

I really am so very grateful that I have so many wonderful opportunities come my way. I seriously get to go to some fun places and do really fun things. Like that time I went to Pixar and Skywalker Ranch. (I told you. Insufferable.)

But my real life moves at a much slower and more reasonable pace. I still make dinner every night (mostly) and have mountains of laundry to do each week, but that's not important right now.

What is important right now is the following. 

Discovering lots of places in and around our own area code. It's amazing sometimes the things I take for granted.  This is at The LAB - AntiMall. 2930 Bristol St., Costa Mesa. Hands down the coolest hipster place to do a photo shoot in our area. (It took Lucy no time at all to move those cubes around while I just clicked the shutter.)


Watching our grandson, Asher grow and change from month to month. He is the happiest, smiliest little human ever.


Appreciating that Eric can juggle. Seriously. He will come home from work and we then sit outside and discuss our day while he expertly throws those pins around. I love that.


Shopping at the local Farmers Market every week. We like eating fresh anyway, but it's super fun to grab some local produce and plan new menus each week. (Of course I made flan. Why do you ask?) 


Practicing using my camera in manual mode. I usually shoot in auto and I finally decided to have some fun with all the bells and whistles that my Canon Rebel T3i has to offer. This is Poseidon Darby. Our blue-eyed-cross-eyed cat.


Playing with my new Extendable Monopod Phone Mount Holder. Also known as a "selfie stick." (I know. Shut up.)


Cherishing so many tender moments at this very fragile time of life. 


Applauding my son, Jonathan for taking risks. He was one of the guards in the American Ballet Theatre production of The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. He stood around a lot and helped carry Princess Aurora off the stage. It was glorious.


Planning Cuban Night and Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium with a team of fabulous Cubans. This has been a delight because of the people I get to hang with and because I get to be privy to the fun. (Get up to date details on Facebook by liking and following the Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium page.)

Extra perk - having our meetings at Porto's Bakery. (Thank you, God.)


Keeping busy with my Etsy shop. I'm really loving the rhythm of my days and am working on some fun new designs for friends. If you don't have one already, you should order one of my Cuban Food Posters from my shop. Also, I just really like to say, "My shop."

Cuban Food Poster

Enjoying my new studio/office space. It used to be Lucy's room. This is the upside of empty-nesting. (Yes. The toys are mine.)


Finding that switching up my regular old routine and stopping to be grateful for all the good in my life keeps me finding inspiration in the craziest places.


So, what's important in your world right now? Tell me.

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