What's Important Right Now - April

I can't very well let the month of April go without stopping to celebrate the things that I'm grateful for in my very extraordinarily ordinary life.

What's important right now?

DRIVING a brand new car. So new, in fact, that I don't quite recognize it yet. I told Eric that I felt like I needed an ESCAPE. He took me literally. I am pleased.


LISTENING to a wonderful collection of inherited old records from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I'm so glad Jonathan appreciates vinyl, big bands, and crooners. We've been having a great time sitting around just listening to records. It's become a thing around here. 


CELEBRATING Eric's 50th birthday. We kidnapped him and took the train up to LA and spent a day at the California Science Center exploring the Dead Sea Scrolls. A dream field trip for us nerdy types.


BABYSITTING as often as possible for our grandson, Asher.  We set aside an entire day and just give him attention. It's good medicine for all of us.


BAKING fresh bread in a new bread machine. I know. I suppose I could easily let things rise and punch out and shape and bake, but I'm kind of enjoying the dump and go method. My favorite is fresh hot bread with real butter and honey. That's heaven to me.


SHARING the moon. My BFF, Pam and I send each other photos of the moon from wherever we happen to be. There's a comfort in knowing that no matter where our travels take us and how different our lives may be, we are looking up at the same moon each night. It brings comfort in an I'm-thinking-of-you way.


APPRECIATING the little things. Eric makes extra boiled eggs in the morning which I find when I get up a little later than he does once he's off to work. I appreciate that I was on his mind and that he's taking care of me with this small gesture. Also, I'm on a fresh raspberry jam kick. Don't try to stop me.


READING Chip Chip by Rusty Jaquays. Sent to me by one of my blog readers, it's a novel based on the events of the Mariel boatlift in 1980. So far I'm enjoying it immensely and am intrigued by the plot.

Chip chip

THINKING a lot about the coming summer months. Fixing up my garden, making notes for outdoor entertaining, collecting movies for outdoor movie nights. Come on, summer!


PLANNING Cuban Night at Dodger Stadium in a few weeks and Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium in July. Looking forward to seeing all my cubiches and hoping for a Dodger win.

If you don't already have your shirts for the July game, be sure to order them early from my friends at Habana Brand Clothing.


RELISHING the days we can spend time with the kids. We're having fun negotiating our growing and changing relationships.


GOING out of our way to cultivate gratitude in our simple lives. I'm so glad that we are stopping to make time to celebrate the good stuff. It takes just a moment for me to look at these photos from this past month and reflect and thank God. We are indeed blessed.

What about you? What's important right now? Feel free to share.