Violetas on my mind

I am a Cuban woman and I wear expensive perfume most of the time. (BTW, if you didn't know.. the two are synonymous.)
I don't feel completely "dressed" without my perfume.
Perfume and lipstick. Those are my staples.
The other day I read this beautiful post over at Babalublog about memories triggered by familiar smells.  Titled: El que tiene hijas, cena en Navidad. (if I wasn't so techno-unsaavy, I could probably link right to it)

And I began to remember a smell that I've missed:  Violets.

All Cuban babies smell like violets.
And all Cuban babies are beautiful. I know there is a connection.

Thanks to the beauty of internet shopping, I was able to find this:
I opened it and splashed some on right away.

And now I smell like a beautiful Cuban baby. =D

"In nothing are we so rich as in our memories." - Flavia