Today My Mom is Twenty-One . . .

. . . with thirty-three years of experience. 33!
Obviously, this is Kikita and I'm here to write a properly effusive post about my Mom for her birthday.
The problem is, I am in no mood to talk about her. I just got back from Miami and am feeling the need to talk about me.

The morning that I left for my 5 day trip, my friend giving me a ride to the airport took one look at my maleta and said "That's it?!? This is all you're taking?" (it was a medium sized rolling one).
This is not the first time I've heard this sort of reaction to a suitcase of mine and my answer is always the same (and always rather smug), "Yes, my mother taught me how to pack."

As I'm getting ready to board the plane, I stop and buy a big bottle of water because Mami always taught me to "Hydrate!"

She taught me how to set the table, how to cook, why you should always wear shoes, earrings and make-up when leaving the house (I admit, I haven't entirely accepted this one yet), and she taught me how to throw a great party.

She'll tell you that I don't listen to her when she's telling me something she's gained with her "33 years of experience," and she will feign shock when something she tried to teach me stuck.

One of her favorite lines is: "Hear me now and believe me later."

Some of my favorite music is stuff that she introduced me to. She cultivated a love for "all things Cuban" in me (including flan - despite it's disturbing texture).


I am not sure if there is much of anything about me that Mami didn't teach me first.
Really, I'm just a big copy cat. I'm just trying to BE her.

Because she is so infinitely cool . . .

Charada mama

and I can only hope to be a shadow of the coolness that she is . . .

Charada nina

I am lucky that I get to benefit from her 33 years of experience.

Did you know that 33 is a Disney number? It's the number for the Mickey Mouse Ears. That's why the super-cool club in Disneyland is called Club 33.
Yes, Mami will be celebrating her birthday at Disneyland (they are the same age, you know).

Happy Birthday, Mami!

("One day, when I grow up, I want to be just like my Mom!")