The Spin Doctor

P5174227This face and bio were on display this past weekend at Cuba Nostalgia. I stopped and stared at the familiar face and quickly called Amy over to take a picture.

Our relationship began exactly 52 years ago today when he spanked my bottom and announced to my parents that it was another girl.

Agustin Castellanos, M.D. was our pediatrician back in Cuba and the one who helped bring me into this world.

I don't remember the spank, but I did recognize his kind face.

That's the kind of person I am. I tend to forget the pain and focus on the good stuff. Amy says it's because I live in denial - I prefer to call it gratitude.

See? It's just a matter of putting the right spin on it.

I'm not 52 years old today. I'm 21 with 31 years of experience. =D