The most intimate gift

I often get asked what I'd like for Christmas or what my favorite present is. To be honest, the presents that turn out to be my favorites are ones I hadn't even thought about... but someone else did. I'd like to share with you one of the most intimate gifts I've ever received.

My husband knows I have a favorite calligraphy artist. His name is Timothy Botts. One of his books graces our coffee table. So a few Christmases ago, Eric calls Tim and commissions him to do a piece for me. He chose my favorite quote from Lord of the Rings (the movie).
"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." said by Bilbo Baggins.

So Eric contacted Tim and explained this to him along with a description of me and what type of person I was.  Tim agreed to send 4 comps for me to choose from. This was supposed to be my Christmas gift.  Sadly, Tim's wife misplaced the envelope when she was supposed to be mailing it, so it did not get here in time for Christmas. So Eric got me tickets to see Bill Cosby at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. He explained it was a consolation prize because my real gift wouldn't arrive for a while. (Not a shabby consolation!)

The envelope from Tim arrived New Year's Eve. And I was surprised and delighted. Of the 4 comps, I chose my favorite and had Tim make the piece for me, which I then had framed immediately.

All that to say, this is the most intimate gift I've ever received. Eric went to so much trouble, not just to bless me (which he totally did) but to know me. That was the greatest gift. The gift of being known intimately. 
Here's the finished calligraphy piece surrounded by the comps.

It reminds me every day that my simple life is to be celebrated and that my husband truly KNOWS ME.
And knowing that, makes me smile every day.