The White Picket Fence - Part Deux

If you've ever done any kind of home improvements, you know that it's like knocking down the first in a long line of dominoes. It's the same wedding-invitation-logic that says if you invite so and so, you must invite the next person and so on and so on.

In this case it started with the picket fence. (which I absolutely LOVE, but that's not important right now.)
Which, of course, mandated a trip to the nursery, because the second part of my Vision for My Perfect Home Exterior involved roses.
But, of course you know that I have certain Rules for Buying Roses:

  • They must be colorful.
  • They must be fragrant.
  • They must have cool and meaningful names.

I got a deep yellow one called Gold Medal - because if picket fence building were an Olympic Sport..... =D
And an almost magenta one with a really super-sweet fragrance called Chrysler Imperial - because of my love of classic old stuff.
The white Icebergs are planted all around the perimeter of Mission Viejo (where we live).
And my very favorite (not just because the blooms are orange and pink and has a lovely fragrance, but seriously, how cool is that??) is this one:

The name?

(I crack myself up.)